“Nicky’s Monday morning yoga class is a joy and the perfect way to start the week. She explains each pose so well, I really feel like I am doing myself some good in a safe and gentle way.”

Susie – Brighton

I’ve been attending Nicky’s yoga classes on a Monday morning for over a year now. It is a warm refuge of lovely people and is the highlight of my morning, making me smile when I wake up to greet the week. 

Bringing up three kids, I first began classes complaining of aches or pains in my back or hips, which Nicky always took account of and guided me through.

A year on, I see my body in a very different light, I listen to it and take care of it. Going to these sessions regularly has really changed the way I think about myself. I no longer complain of pain at the start of the sessions and am learning to put what Nicky has taught me into daily life. I stand a bit taller everyday. 

Thanks Nicky

Katie – Brighton

I signed up to Nicky’s yoga class last January and 12 months on I still love it! The class is welcoming, relaxed and caters for different abilities.

Phil – Brighton

After just one hour of Yoga with Nicky I feel so much more lively yet relaxed.

Eileen – Brighton

Nicky’s yoga classes are excellent and suitable for all levels. She always chooses a very good selection of asanas (postures) to work every part of the body which she teaches at the right pace in a calm, relaxed and fun way.

Aleceia – Brighton

I started coming to Nicky’s classes after a series of injuries, all relating to being stiff as a board. The classes have been excellent – gently paced and a great way to start the week. Unlike previous experience with yoga classes, I’ve managed this time to establish a regular practice and can feel the difference this makes. I haven’t had a calf or hamstring injury since!

Tony – Hove

I love Nicky’s classes, they have a way of quietly creeping up on you so that you think you are doing an easy class then before you know it you are doing something quite challenging, then to your surprise you are actually managing to do that pose. Apart from the postures, Nicky always creates a great and nurturing atmosphere. I always leave her class ready to enjoy the day with a calmer head.  Thank you Nicky.

Moose – Brighton